BridgePoint Center for Eating Disorders











Our Mission

BridgePoint Center for Eating Disorders, a provincial resource, provides program options that include intensive rehabilitation, recovery and healing for people who are experiencing eating disorders.

About Us

The BridgePoint program contributes to making a difference in the lives of people with eating disorders by opening a path for a process of discovery and recovery.

The voices of participants portray BridgePoint as a "safe and caring community in which we are accepted for who we are. We realize now that we do have choices and we are able to make decisions about our own lives. BridgePoint is a place where we discovered important elements of ourselves and learned to communicate authentically with others." (Evaluative Summary)

BridgePoint is a provincially-approved residential program in Milden, Saskatchewan. The retreat atmosphere offers peace, quiet, privacy and simplicity. Services are available to women, men, youth and their families. The program provides a team-based approach with an emphasis on group learning experiences.