Virtual and Residential Programs


The role of BridgePoint is to support self-discovery, as well as skill-building, in the transition from letting go of old, unhealthy life patterns to discovering a variety of new and healthy choices in how to respond to the challenges of life. This support is provided in a program with three sequential modules that symbolize the process of building a bridge to recovery.

The format of each module includes intensive experiential learning and teaching sessions within a group model, individual discussions, and processing of personal issues. Individuals are encouraged to progress at their own rate toward their personal or optimal level of wellness. Self–responsibility is encouraged and supported in all modules. In each step of the programming, participants will stay onsite at BridgePoint in community. We can accommodate up to 13 participants at a time (maximum 8 during COVID19). The smaller group number allows for diversity and connection as a group.


The COVID-19 pandemic has forced an abrupt change in the delivery of BridgePoint’s service delivery model. We are excited to resume our services and offer a hybrid of both residential and virtual program options. Virtual programming will continue to be offered on a pilot basis even while we have resumed residential services.  Check out our NEW and innovative virtual care options:

Virtual 2-Day Intensive Retreats

Join us in our online group room on our brand new mental health e-learning platform as we spend two days together in this two-day intensive retreat.  You can expect a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions with psychoeducational content and processing.


Now accepting applications for  * August 30-31 * October 4-5 * November 29-30

  • Other dates to be determined based on demand and public health protocols. Just email BridgePoint ( for sign-up links if you already have an active application in within the last 6 months

There is a two-step intake process to join:

1. Complete the new virtual program intake form and return to BridgePoint (you don't select dates at this step).  (TIP: Don't waste your printer ink! Just use Adobe Reader and use "Fill and Sign". It's a free download! Detailed instructions can be found at this tutorial)

Virtual Registration Form

2. Once the application is processed, you will receive an intake email with an invitation for you to select the program date and get your seat. Spots will be limited and selected using EventBrite at the link you will be provided.  


Weekly Deep Dives for BridgePoint Alumni run on Wednesday evenings from 7-9pm. Topics include many of the traditional BridgePoint components and new ones will be added intermittently. These weekly groups are available to attend if you have completed a previous BridgePoint Virtual Retreat. If you are unable to attend a retreat, please fill out the full Virtual Retreat application and apply for the Deep Dives and we will be in touch.  Register now (for those who have completed a virtual retreat)!   


Are you a parent, spouse or friend of someone who suffers from an eating disorder? Do you struggle with their behavior and/or setting limits and/or how to respond to their emotions?

Inspired by Emotion-Focused Family Therapy – and with a healthy dose of humor - this evidence-based workshop will introduce practical skills to strengthen relationships, increase cooperation and respond to strong emotional reactions, including expressions of worry, anger, hopelessness, even silence. Parents and caregivers will learn to navigate and guide their loved ones experiencing big feelings, emotional dysregulation, and/or mental health issues.

Different from other mainstream parenting models, EFFT is rooted in a deep belief in the healing power of families. The model provides parents the tools to restore connection in their relationship with their child, and feel more empowered when met with tough parenting situations at home. Parents will also be supported to identify, work through, and overcome many obstacles that surface through the journey of emotional and behavioral change.

This online variation of the 2-day Caregiver Workshop allows space for learning and integration between each session. 

Register now - November 12-13 * NEW DATES *



We are launching a new BridgePoint book club diving into Jenni Shaefer’s book Life Without Ed. This book explores disordered eating/eating disorders by treating it as a relationship instead of a condition. It views this relationship with “Ed” as one who can be controlling, can distort your self-image, and can physically harm you. By thinking of an eating disorder externally and separate from you, you can “break up” with Ed once and for all. Guided by a multi-disciplinary team of eating disorder professionals, please join us for 6 weeks as we discuss this relationship and look at practical exercises to help end your relationship with your own personal E.D.

WHEN: Tuesday Evenings 7-8:30 pm from November 9 - December 14, 2021

WHERE: Online

PRE-REQUISITE: No pre-requisite; a formal diagnosis is NOT required to join (Open to Saskatchewan residents). An active intake application is required if you haven't attended previous BridgePoint programming in the last 6 months.

BridgePoint is so grateful to be one of the recipients to receive support from Step Up for Mental Health awarded through the Cameco Fund for Mental Health to support this initiative.



Recovery Support Line

Our phone line remains open Tuesdays to Thursdays 1-9 pm (Closed Stat holidays and on Tuesdays when in virtual retreats). Give us a call if you are looking for support. Please note that we are not a crisis line. Due to call demand, it is important to leave a message and we will return any missed calls as soon as we can. 


*NEW* RecoverED Texting Support Line 

Text the word RecoverED to 1-833-988-1431 to receive daily text messages for support (standard message rates may apply). Messages will include a variety of free tools, resources, and inspiration!   The expansion of this program has been made possible through funding through the Saskatchewan Health Research Foundation through their 2020-21 Research Connections: COVID-19 Rapid Response granting program.   Check here to see if your cell phone carrier will support this service.

If you have had trouble accessing the initial service, you are able to try and access it an alternative way by texting the word RECOVERY to 1-833-988-1431. 

Future 21-day series will be created on this platform, and will also include the use of artificial intelligence to provide audio prompts. This is a series that participants can subscribe to, and they will also get access to an adjunct workbook on the e-learning platform for daily journaling.




Programs are available for free of charge with a valid Saskatchewan health card. Programming is sequential... coming to a retreat is the first step! Participants can self refer for a retreat but will need the support of a doctor and counsellor to attend Module 1 and Module 2.

Please call 306-935-2240 for more information.

TO APPLY:   Please note that due to the current high demand for our programs, participant applications are triaged to manage the waitlist as efficiently as we can to ensure that we can meet the needs of both new and returning participants. Residential programs are no longer first-come, first-serve.  All applications will go on the waitlist until a spot can be allocated. There is a lot of movement in our applications, so please do not be discouraged to be on a waitlist. If you are confirmed a spot, it is important to honor your commitment whenever possible as last-minute cancellations will result in vacant spots. 

** New application forms have been revised to assist with our admission intake interviews.   It is important to legibly and accurately complete the application. Incomplete forms will be disregarded.  The intake coordinators may contact you and/or your healthcare supports for more information. **

BridgePoint is not a medical facility. Participants are required to be medically and psychiatrically stable at the time of intake and for the duration of the program.  In addition to our BridgePoint team, we have support from the Saskatchewan Health Authority Community Mental Health Nurse teams during our intake process and for consultation during programming. 

Retreat Application    (first step of sequential programming) 

UPCOMING ONSITE RETREATS * August 12-15 * September 9-12 * November 18-21  * December 9-12 *  (2021)


Module 1 & Module 2 Applications 

UPCOMING MODULE 1  * October 14-November 5, 2021 * 


Module 3 Application   (this module involves Equine Assisted Learning. Supplemental information is required to demonstrate motivation and suitability to participate in this program. Preference is given to those who have completed Module 1 and Module 2. If it has been some time since completion, a retreat prior to attending Module 3 is required.)  

UPCOMING DATES * September 23-28, 2021* 

All participants must abide by all current and evolving Saskatchewan Public Health Orders. Failure to do so will result in immediate discharge. Programming may be paused at any time and may resume virtually due to changes in group size, staffing or public health orders. Participants must be prepared to secure an immediate ride home in the event of the center closure.



Why Choose Us?

For over 20 years, BridgePoint has helped individuals and families heal from disordered eating. Saskatchewan residents with a valid Saskatchewan Health Card can access programming and support for free of charge as part of the Saskatchewan healthcare continuum.